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Career Professional

Unexpectedly unemployed?

“I don’t know where to begin to fully express what I’m capable of . . .”

Mid-career professionals often take what they do for granted, minimize their contributions, and have no idea what constitutes an effective resume in today’s challenging job market. Not comfortable “tooting your own horn,” many mid-career professionals are using resume formats that worked 20 years ago but are ineffective today.

Employers want to know how your value exceeds your cost. Because we recognize your value as the knowledge warehouses, customer service experts and loyal performers that have enabled businesses to thrive and grow, we help you identify and take credit for your achievements, build interviewing confidence and make a successful job or career transition.

Count on the experts at Noteworthy Resume & Career Services to:

  • Understand your needs
  • Objectively determine your unique strengths and business skills
  • Position you effectively for the type and level of position you desire
  • Communicate your distinct value and personality to an employer
  • Create written documents that clearly differentiate you from the competition
  • Give you confidence for the job search
  • Reduce time of unemployment

We have worked with talented professionals across functions and industries, including top HR executives who know the wisdom of working with an expert resume writer. Many hiring experts can review a resume and attest to its quality. Few can actually create such a document. You have the power to change your outlook, your prospects and your income. Contact Noteworthy Resume & Career Services today to start the process. We’re just a phone call or email away.


If worker satisfaction statistics are accurate, then most of us are doing work we don’t enjoy, and this is true at every level from the shop floor to the executive suite. Consider how many hours you spend at work. Don’t you deserve to do fulfilling work in an environment where you feel valued and engaged? Your employer doesn’t rely on you to make important business decisions, so why rely on your employer to make career decisions for you?

Rely on the experts at Noteworthy Resume & Career Services to guide you in:

  • Determining your unique strengths, assets and transferable skills
  • Positioning yourself for the type and level of position you desire
  • Communicating your distinct value and personality to an employer
  • Identifying the work environment where you will be most productive and successful
  • Securing a more financially rewarding/personally fulfilling opportunity
  • Discovering what you’re worth on the open market
  • Maximizing job satisfaction

If you’re ready to move toward your career goals, contact Noteworthy Resume & Career Services. We’re prepared to expedite your progress.