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You’ve reached the top.

And you didn’t do it alone; you hired top performers with strengths that complement yours. So you already understand the wisdom of hiring someone with expertise in what has become a job search jungle where the old rules (and the old strategies) have changed. Vision and business insights have taken you to the executive suite; to remain there, you’ll need to differentiate yourself from the competition. Listing achievements is no longer enough; you’ll need to put your experience into context, tell the HOW behind the results and—of growing importance—build and manage your online identity.

At a loss for words?

Relax. Words are our business. Hiring us to create a compelling resume will give you confidence and peace of mind to focus on the next step in the hiring process—interviewing for the job you aspire to. Whether you’re an online novice who welcomes hands-on coaching or a tech savvy veteran who just needs written documents that communicate “Wow!,” we can guide you through the process and add value all along the way. Simply call or email  to get the process started.

Beyond the Resume:

Executive leaders today need multiple strategic career documents beyond the resume. A 2-page resume is inappropriate to use as a networking tool or casual “leave behind.” A shorter bio takes less time to read, is useful across multiple venues and provides portable impact for online profiles, speaker’s introductions and opportune 30-second elevator pitches.

All your personal marketing documents should present consistent messaging and brand value. A high-impact, personalized bio and portfolio that showcases the best of your achievements is invaluable for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that suddenly presents itself—or when you find yourself sharing the executive suite with the owner’s son-in-law.