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College Grad

You’re not alone!

Recent grads are often unprepared for harsh job search realities. You studied (or partied) hard and  have some work experience but don’t know how low-level experience outside your career field (or course of study) equips you for  jobs that interest you now.  You may also be wondering how to get past the minimum experience many employers require even for entry-level positions.

There is no question that graduates in certain disciplines will have less difficulty securing positions after graduation . . . engineers or nurses, for instance. However, if you have responsible work experience, proven leadership activities or significant volunteer involvement, these assets can often be leveraged to build a solid resume that communicates your discipline and potential to an employer. Noteworthy Resume & Career Services works with clients today that initially used our services right out of college . . . and have advanced steadily in their careers since then . . .  confirmation that we can help you too! Ready to explore your options? Call or email us to find out more.