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Job Search

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You deserve more than a job; you deserve an opportunity that allows you to be your best self—today and tomorrow.

Active Job Search. If you are unemployed and need to land a new position quickly, then partnering with a knowledgeable career coach can deliver significant return on investment. We can speed your return to work by providing the necessary training, tools, resources, expertise and tactical support you need to keep your search efforts firmly on track.

Confidential Job Search. Managing a career while continuing to deliver bottom-line value to an employer is critical for job retention, advancement and earning power. If you lack the time or concentration to search productively, we can manage routine search activities for you so that you can focus on interviewing well and advancing your career.

Online Search Training. If you have basic computer familiarity and know how to use email, we will coach you to execute an effective online search campaign.

Interview Preparation. We’ll guide you through the behavioral interview process so that you can respond confidently and naturally to questions asked by veteran interviewers. Extenuating circumstances like a termination that you don’t know how to explain or fear of a negative reference by an immediate supervisor can be serious obstacles to top interview performance. We’ll help you develop a script that allows you to deal with these difficult issues in a way that aligns with your values and presents the information in a constructive way.

Salary Negotiation. Once again, knowledge is power—and the recruiter doesn’t have it all. We’ll provide resources that reveal what’s reasonable for your industry and function, and coach you on how to get what you’re worth in your next position.

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