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Coaching has been an AWESOME experience!

Looking for a career that fulfills purpose and passion?

Few employers today are willing to invest in their employees’ careers as they did even 10 years ago. For that reason, career development has become an individual responsibility, one that you may feel ill equipped to do alone. That’s where we can help.

Our coaching services broadly focus on Career Management and Job Search. However, coaching is a process that is all about YOU and what is important to YOU in your career, so we are prepared to address any workplace or career-related issue that hinders job satisfaction or advancement.

Career Management

Global competition requires that businesses remain agile and adaptable to changes in the marketplace. Workers are hired (and released) based on business expansion and contraction. Many jobs have disappeared and those that remain are more complex. Management levels are thinning. For these reasons, few employers continue to invest in their employees’ futures, putting you firmly in charge of your own career growth and leadership development.

Investing in yourself is always a good idea and setting goals leads to higher achievement. We can help you take action to achieve a more successful and fulfilling career. Contact us now to begin the process.

Our coaching services are tailored to individuals who are intentional about their careers and:

  • Want more from their careers in terms of purpose, passion, challenge and/or income
  • Need help to overcome obstacles and behaviors that sabotage performance
  • Desire strategies, objectivity, encouragement and support for a concerted job search campaign
  • Want to develop or refine leadership skills
  • Lack confidence for interviewing/salary negotiating

The following scenarios suggest ideal opportunities for career coaching:

Career Assessment. Ever wonder what you are ideally suited to do or why you feel stifled in a structured environment? Sad but true: most individuals will spend more time researching their next car than their next job. We believe that knowledge is power, so we use objective assessments to help you make wise career choices.

Career Exploration. You studied finance (medicine, accounting, law) to satisfy your parents who paid for your education. And you’ve been miserable for the last 15 years. Discover the career that fits your values, strengths, purpose and passion! You CAN do what you love and thrive!

Taking the Next Step. Should you stay or should you go? We’ll help you weigh the options and take that next step, confident that you are proceeding in your best interests.

Coping with Change. Losing a job, retiring or dealing with altered functions or responsibilities all cause stress that can affect not only your work performance, but also your relationships and your health. Just as athletes rely on coaches to improve performance, career-minded individuals can enhance performance, make transitions and reach professional goals by working with an expert coach who:

  • connects with you in total confidentiality and trust,
  • champions you as you dream BIG,
  • clarifies inconsistencies between talk and action,
  • creates awareness, shares insights and co-develops strategies and action plans, and
  • challenges you to be your best while holding you accountable for progress toward goals.

Unchallenged/Unfulfilled. Statistics clearly indicate that most people are unhappy with their jobs, and that is as true of executives as production workers. What’s holding you back from realizing your true potential? You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So why are you still doing work that doesn’t fulfill you, align with your core values or provide the income you need?

Job Search

Active Job Search. If you are unemployed, have been searching unsuccessfully for months and wonder what you’re doing wrong,  then partnering with a knowledgeable career coach can deliver significant return on investment. We can speed your return to work by providing the necessary training, tools, resources, expertise and tactical support you need to keep your search efforts firmly on track.

Online Search Training. If you have basic computer familiarity and know how to use email, we will coach you to execute an effective online search campaign.

Interview Preparation. We’ll guide you through the behavioral interview process so that you can respond confidently and naturally to questions asked by veteran interviewers. Extenuating circumstances like a termination that you don’t know how to explain or fear of a negative reference by an immediate supervisor can be serious obstacles to top interview performance. We’ll help you develop a script that allows you to deal with these difficult issues in a manner that presents the situation constructively.

Salary Negotiation. Once again, knowledge is power—and the recruiter doesn’t have it all. We’ll provide resources that reveal what’s reasonable for your industry and function, and coach you on how to earn what you’re worth in your next position.