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“Everybody knows me and my  results.” This surprising comment came from a prospective client who was sure recruiters wouldn’t need an itemized listing of accomplishments on the resume. Like the client that professes not to have done anything special and only provides...

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When I review resumes that potential clients ask me to evaluate, I often see "one size fits all" objective statements or mundane profiles but no information that sets the candidate apart from millions of others who do similar work. Employers today are selective and...

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Who ya gonna call?

Looking for an expert resume writer? A common question asked by many prospective clients is, "Do you specialize in: _______ (fill in the blank: finance, pharmaceutical sales, health care, scientific, educational, engineering, IT) resumes?" The truthful answer—no; I...

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Resume objective

A recent job fair experience highlighted an issue that confronts many of today's job seekers. Recruiters are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resumes they receive, so it is essential to make their work easier. If you want to be selected for an interview, you must at...

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