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Building your network

Since well over half of job seekers (70% by recent estimates) secure new positions through networking, incorporating this component into your job search strategy is vital. If you don’t have a network and you’re unemployed, you may find job search difficult . . . and...

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Social recruiting

According to a July 2011 employment industry survey, 89% of U.S. companies are searching for candidates via social media, namely: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. What does that mean for you? If you're not online, you don't exist to recruiters. Change is hard, but...

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10 most hated jobs

An interesting item posted online recently by Daniel Bukszpan of CNBC regarding the 10 Most Hated Jobs listed the following (in order of employee dissatisfaction): Director of Information Technology Director of Sales and Marketing Product Manager Senior Web Developer...

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Hour-long sessions on social media, interviewing and networking strategies. Classes are designed for career-minded candidates who want to make the most of their job search efforts by incorporating 21st Century tools and techniques. Sign up early—space in each class is...

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Resume Review

At a loss for words? Writing your own resume can be a formidable task. Why waste valuable time writing and endlessly revising your documents in a frustrating process that only delays an effective job search? In most cases, you’ll receive a detailed, custom-written...

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