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Wondering if you need a writing specialist, someone that is intimately familiar with engineering, biotechnology, IT or finance? Well, here’s a well-guarded secret. While many writers claim to specialize at a certain level or in a certain industry, any good resume writer should be able to write for any level or any industry. You, the client, provide the technical language or the industry-unique language, more commonly called “buzzwords.” It is the writer’s job to ask good questions so that s/he can present you well on paper. You provide the writer whatever technical language is needed to establish credibility for your specific field or area of expertise.

Very few writers can make a living if they write resumes exclusively for clients in a niche market. Besides, a writer that writes for many functions and many industries gives you the benefit of broader, rather than narrower, perspective. How to know if you’re working with someone who has the expertise to market you effectively? Ask to see a writing sample or two in your specialty. Would you want to interview the person whose resume you are reviewing? If yes, then proceed. If not, cast a wider net.

One good way to determine the quality of a writer’s work is to ask if s/he has ever had a resume published in a book offered for sale through a reputable source. If yes, you can be sure that the writer had to compete with other professional writers for the privilege. You can also research careers industry books to see who specializes in your field and what their work looks like, giving you another basis of comparison.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC