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You’ve found the ideal job and now you’re editing your resume to reflect that you are ideally suited for the position. This may require more effort than adding “excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and 8+ years’ proven sales leadership,” per the keywords extracted from an online job posting.

Consider that from the employer’s point of view, the employment process always begins with: “We have a problem.” To catch the employer’s attention, you must communicate that: 1) you understand their problem, 2) you have already done what the employer needs to have done, and 3) you are prepared to apply what you have learned elsewhere to the employer’s problem.

Additionally, every employer wants to know that you can handle the job, that you have positive work attitudes, that your personality will fit well within the organizational culture and that you will deliver more value than the dollars you cost in payroll and benefits.

Therefore, your resume must reflect: 1) what the employer can expect from you based on what you have done for other employers, 2) the unique traits, abilities, experience and achievements that set you apart from other candidates, 3) that you are adaptable and will grow with the organization, and 4) how the employer will benefit from hiring unique, marvelous YOU!

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC