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Looking for an expert resume writer? A common question asked by many prospective clients is, “Do you specialize in: _______ (fill in the blank: finance, pharmaceutical sales, health care, scientific, educational, engineering, IT) resumes?” The truthful answer—no; I know how to make candidates in any field stand out from the competition.

Anyone who claims the title “resume expert” needs to have enough general industry knowledge and recruiting expertise to ask insightful questions to garner information unique to a client’s industry and specialty. Industry-specific information comes from the client; the resume writer’s job is to organize the information and develop a meaningful presentation for the employer.

I don’t need to be a fire fighter to present a fire fighter (or fire chief) well to an employer because I have another critical asset: a deep, general knowledge of what the hiring authority will be looking for in a superior candidate for either position!

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC