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The technical resumes I see are most often written from a “trees” perspective, and they can work for technical specialist roles. They are not effective, however, in moving careers forward. Winning interviews for higher status, higher compensation roles requires a broader “forest” approach.

Job seekers at every level tend to take what they do for granted, so they naturally focus on the details of what they do rather than on how they add value. Knowing how your function adds value to a business operation distinguishes you from less knowledgeable, less qualified candidates who take the more common job description approach. 

What have you done with the tools your employer(s) gave you to work with? What challenges have you overcome? What processes have you improved? If you have no idea how your function adds value to overall business operations, you would be wise to find out.

Doors to opportunity open for candidates who communicate their value to an employer—not by focusing on what they do—but by going above and beyond. Yes, this is a more thoughtful, time-intensive approach, but it is key to being invited to the “job of a lifetime” interview.