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Since a resume is considered a marketing tool, strategy becomes critical. Think about the glossy brochures you see in your local car dealer’s sales office. These are carefully targeted to the demographic for which an automaker has designed a specific car model. Luxury car brands are targeted to wealthy buyers with disposable incomes (think Lincoln car commercials), performance brands are targeted to driving enthusiasts, SUVs and minivans are targeted to growing families and trucks are targeted to consumers who hunt and/or haul tools and building materials.

An effective resume strategy builds the case for the candidate’s value and focuses the reader’s attention on relevant skills and achievements. When I write, I intentionally position my clients for the future roles they hope to win. Very few candidates meet every qualification mentioned in an expanded job description. When they do, my job is easier. When they don’t, I have to provide evidence that the candidate has already solved problems of a similar weight or has the capacity to meet greater challenges.

By taking the time to conduct an interview before I write, I obtain critical information that allows me to differentiate you from the competition and position you for future success. If you’re ambitious and not getting the results you expect, it may be because there is no real strategy behind the personal marketing materials you are using. That’s a problem that can easily be solved by an expert writer—like me.