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Accomplished executives have a lasting impact on the companies they lead. They change how business is done by making decisions, saving time and money, and improving operations. They hold positions of increasing influence and authority in the companies they manage and often in their industries as well. They usually (though not always) manage people and budgets. They are frequently thought leaders and visionaries with quick insights into what is holding a company back and what needs to be done to move the business forward.

They have a keen eye for talent and they hire/develop smart people with skills complementary to theirs so that all areas of the business are managed well. They drive measurable, quantitative results. Their accomplishments and achievements are not vague or attributed to others, they are specific, distinct and impactful. They take credit for what they do and what they do adds value to the business. Their work delivers return on investment. If you have executive-level aspirations and your resume doesn’t touch on these points, then you’re missing the boat—and that also means that you are unlikely to earn what you’re worth. Want a resume that positions you for the next step up and is distinctive as you are? I can help.

Ellie Vargo, MRW