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A resume with “POP” appeal provides context that makes your achievements resonate with employers and positions you for a future role. Sure, your resume is going to include information from your past career, but you also need to demonstrate aptitude and value for a future role. Can a director-level candidate target an executive position? Absolutely, if s/he can show potential, and that typically means progressive experience and an increasing level of value added in each role described in terms of challenges overcome, problems solved and results achieved.

Writing is active, not passive. That means accomplishments don’t happen in a vacuum. They are produced through effort, thoughtfulness, creativity, resourcefulness, teamwork, discipline and persistence. How do you show that? You add context to achievements. Instead of writing “Sales increased 30%,” you write “Increased sales 30% (from $4 million to $5.2 million) over 12 months by focusing on distinct competitive benefits and empowering sales associates to make in-the-moment decisions.”

See the difference? Note that it is much easier to distinguish a resume that pops than it is to write one! Relax. I can help.

Ellie Vargo, MRW