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Your best strategy is to be prepared: think ahead. The absolute worst time to write such a critical personal marketing document is when you see the job posting that was written with you in mind—or when you’ve just been terminated.

If you’re considering whether or not to hire a professional writer to help you, then you should know that crafting a stellar resume takes time and specialized expertise that you likely do not have. Here are some other essential things to know: 1) since there is no licensing requirement for resume writers, there is a distinct benefit in working with someone that has at least one respected industry credential, 2) few qualified writers will turn your project around in 24 hours unless you are willing to pay handsomely, and 3) a gifted writer can save you weeks of frustration and untold thousands in lost opportunity cost.

The holidays are a great time to get your resume underway. Many employers interview and make hiring decisions during the holiday season so that they have the talent they need once the next year’s budgets become available in January.

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Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC