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Whether you’re considering a career change, an internal opportunity or a change of employers, here are some strategies that can smooth the way.

There are many success traits, however, these are universal:

  • willingness to learn
  • adaptability
  • confidence
  • certifications

Nothing is more important than changing your mindset from “I can’t change” to “I’m willing/eager to learn something new.” The information age is moving at an accelerating clip—do you want to be left behind? Dig in your heels when change is on the horizon and you’ll be left by the wayside. This is why employers let parts of their workforce go and recruit new hires with the right attitude and the right knowledge.

If you’re always learning, you can do more and you can do different things, making yourself more valuable—and retainable—to an employer.

Believing in yourself is critical. You’ll never know whether or not you can do something if you are unwilling to try. Failure and pain are consequences of growth (read: learning opportunities). You CAN do what you set your mind to. Just ask any successful entrepreneur. I began my professional career as a business teacher and saw firsthand that high goals and expectations result in better student performance.

When you lack experience for the role you want to fill, consider earning a certification that establishes you as someone with professional credibility. Note also that volunteer work in an appropriate role gives you credibility for a similar paid opportunity.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC