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The nature of my business requires that I do a considerable amount of reading so that I can coach my clients effectively throughout every stage of their careers. The book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck, downplays the role of talent and focuses on the value of continued learning and growth.

Now that thought dovetails very nicely with what I learned at a recent Career Thought Leaders Conference regarding critical success traits: 1) willingness to learn, 2) adaptability and 3) confidence.

My experience with clients over the past 30 years confirms that these three traits lie behind the continued success of those who move across industries and adeptly up the corporate ladder.

The continued learning doesn’t have to be in a formal academic environment. It can be realized through a lateral move to a different function or business unit or by taking on a challenging, high visibility role that requires working cross functionally with people you don’t currently know but are in a position to promote your achievements and move your career forward. It can also take the form of a mentoring relationship, workshop attendance or self-study that prepares you for an expanded role.

With continued learning, you can expect to be more attuned to what is happening in your industry, in your employer’s business and in the increasing demands—and opportunities—associated with future roles. You will be primed to embrace change, and nothing is more important than that in terms of job security in an age where employers change their workforces as technology advances.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC