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I had an interesting inquiry recently from a senior executive prospect who had emailed me a 3-page document listing employers, various achievements, personal/professional honors and leadership assignments. When he called to ask about my process, I told him that I always write with a focus or a job target in mind—lacking from the document provided to me—and asked what his goal might be. He provided a brief answer and asked again about my process, deliverables and pricing.

I shared the details he asked for and mentioned in closing that I’m the only master resume writer in the St. Louis area. He said my information was as expected and advised that he would be speaking with a couple of other writers before making a decision. The brevity of our conversation left me with the distinct impression that my sales pitch hadn’t been effective.

You can bet I was surprised when he sent me an email a week later telling me that I had won the project and asking about next steps.

Since I’m an entrepreneur as well as a writer, I want to know why someone chooses to work with me when there are other options. He smiled and said “you get me.” The others that I spoke with were focusing on the mundane things that Human Resources looks for, keywords, fitting into a predefined mold, etc.”

Few senior executives fit any type of mold. They find opportunity because they have the vision and energy to drive results, not because their backgrounds conform to a job description. Indeed, the best are welcomed into new roles designed around their unique strengths and insights. They learn of opportunities because they have vibrant networks that open doors, allowing them to circumvent the online application process until the interview process and hiring decision are well underway.

If you want to work with someone who ‘gets you,’ and knows how to position you for opportunity, then I’m the one you want to call.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC