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  1. Doing so will cause you to lose momentum and time is of the essence. The early bird catches the worm: you never know when timing and opportunity will intersect to bring you the job of a lifetime!
  2. Many candidates think that the holidays are a terrible time to be looking, so there is less competition.
  3. People often choose to retire at the end of the calendar year—creating openings.
  4. Budgets are in place for next year and wise hiring managers proactively fill vacancies in advance of January business initiatives.
  5. Business often slows during the holidays, so hiring managers have more time and energy to devote to interviews.
  6. People tend to be in a congenial holiday mood and are therefore more amenable to informational interviews.
  7. Holiday parties can be great networking opportunities.
  8. Employers have problems that need to be solved, challenges to be overcome and work to be done year round.
  9. Budgets remaining at the end of the year may not be restored in the next, so it makes sense to staff up to 100%.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC