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I happened to come across an online post today by James Beeman, who suggests that there are 5 ways to fail at anything.

  1. Neglect to pinpoint your destination (don’t set specific goals)
  2. Decide you’re going to fail (don’t put anything in place to assure success)
  3. Keep your goals to yourself (avoid finding an accountability partner/coach)
  4. Assume there will be no obstacles (give up the instant you are faced with an unexpected roadblock)
  5. ‘Try’ to do it (don’t engage and don’t invest)

These items brought a recent client to mind. “Missey” was 60+ and had worked her entire career in positions that she found meaningless and unchallenging – but plentiful and easy to obtain. Although she had a good professional education, she had repeatedly settled for less than she wanted and believed she could do. She shared that a recent boss found her too valuable to promote. Which brought up the question, “So, although your boss considered you too valuable to promote, he was willing to lose you altogether?

Do you see yourself in this sad scenario? What are you willing to do to change your outcomes?

You deserve to do work that is challenging and fulfilling. So stop ‘trying’ and just do it! Set a realistic goal and establish a plan that defines how and when you’re going to reach it. When negative thoughts creep into your mind, tell yourself aloud “I can do this!” Repeat it until you believe it.

Share your goal and your strategy with a supportive friend. Avoid naysayers; spend time with those who encourage you, see your potential and share your enthusiasm. Face obstacles head on. Find a way to reduce them, climb over them, outwit them or out wait them. If you have to take a short break, so be it. But don’t give up. Invest in yourself. Get the training, education and coaching that will help you achieve the success you deserve.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC