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Potential clients frequently ask me about my “success rate.” This is a hard question to answer accurately because I have no control over what a client does with the materials I create and many clients simply do not follow up with me regarding outcomes.

On occasion, though, I am pleasantly surprised and the information provided is worth sharing with a larger audience.

Here’s a prime example. I recently received an email from a senior executive that had been unemployed for 18 months and recently landed a job in an industry that has had few openings due to the slowly recovering housing market.

“Wally” shared that he sent a letter of congratulations to a former colleague at a previous place of employment when he heard that he’d landed a key leadership role with an industry retailer. When the colleague came to town for a visit, he got in touch with Wally, and their meeting ultimately led to the opportunity. Wally stated definitively that had he not sent that note, he would in all likelihood not have been considered for the new position.

There’s a lesson here. Networking is not all about what you can gain from those you network with. Networking is also about exercising common courtesy, maintaining contact and returning value. There is simply no substitute for thoughtfulness and kindness, whatever the level of work you aspire to!

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC