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I read a lot about what recruiters think and prefer these days. If you do also, you’ll have noted that social media is often a topic of discussion, especially for those recruiters who focus on candidates in the younger demographics. What I find most interesting, though, is that they often focus on the same practical, down-to-earth strategies that candidates of all ages can leverage to access opportunities.

Recruiters respond to people who represent themselves authentically, have a passion for what they do and who can communicate their value to an employer. That means that you must know how you fit into an employer’s operations and how you add value, whatever your role.

Using social media to reach out to recruiters is acceptable, but circumventing the formal application process is not. If you’re a great fit for a job posting, by all means reach out to the recruiter to share why you’re a great fit and ask for an introduction to the hiring manager—after you’ve applied through formal channels. Failure to follow application instructions will be perceived as a predictor of undesirable work attitudes and behaviors.

So, engage recruiters through social media. Follow company and recruiter posts to gain insider knowledge that you can use to ask intelligent questions that show you’ve done your homework regarding the target company’s mission, its customers and current industry challenges. But do so in a thoughtful, prepared way that is consistent with your brand/professional image.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC