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One of the smartest career choices you can make is to keep your resume updated and ready to go as “opportunities of a lifetime” emerge. Many prospective clients inquire as to how quickly their projects can be turned around. The honest answer is that quality takes time and you are unlikely to find an ace writer with time on his or her hands.

Understand that resume writing is an art, not a science. There is no standard formula for success. Yes, you can write your own, but that can be frustrating, time consuming and unproductive, especially if you aren’t current on form, strategy or grammar. And the awful truth is that resume writing is a highly specialized skill; few do it really well.

Recruiters love to target passive candidates – those that are currently employed. If you are able to seize the opportunity quickly, you will have an immense competitive advantage. Timing and preparation are critical, as many employers will choose interview candidates from a small pool of early applicants.

To facilitate the process, keep a list of accomplishments to add every 3 months or so. Not only will that help you track career progress, but it will also assure you don’t forget key achievements when you want to justify a promotion and/or raise.

Save e-mails, performance reviews and positive feedback regarding contribution and results achieved, as testimonials affirm your value and credibility with a potential employer.

Being prepared to submit your resume when that “job of a lifetime” presents itself literally opens doors to opportunity!

 Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC