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I often hear that an applicant’s job search has stalled. After applying for a multitude of jobs online, there has been little or no response. My first reaction is always, ”what types of positions are you applying for?” If you are applying for jobs in an industry in which you have experience and you are a close match to the requirements, then perhaps there is a problem with your application, your resume or your timing. However, if you are applying for jobs that you are clearly overqualified for (or lack some or all of the minimum requirements for) then perhaps your job search strategy needs to be refined.

Applying for 100 jobs that are clearly unrelated to your background and experience will bring you less of a payoff than applying for 5 jobs that fit you like a glove. Why invest time in a job search effort that is likely to leave you frustrated and empty-handed?

Do your homework first and narrowly target your search so that you can apply for positions that match your experience, skill set and career interests. While a job may sound fun or interesting or even something you think you’ll be able to do, employers aren’t interested in satisfying your curiosity or “making your day.” They are seeking value and are not interested in wasting their time with applicants who choose to apply despite lacking the required experience.

Carefully review job descriptions and requirements before filling out an application. If there is a job board associated with a specific industry or discipline, that’s your best bet for online positions.

Some candidates are unlikely to be selected when applying online due to background issues, e.g., too many short-term positions, gaps in employment, returning to the workforce after 20 years raising a family, etc. In these cases, applying online is going to be a total waste of time. Networking with people that know you and are willing to introduce you to hiring managers will be a more productive use of your time.

If there are few posted opportunities in your field, or if you are applying to multiple positions but are getting no response, your time will be better spent in redirecting your search efforts toward networking. Time is precious….spend it where you are likely to gain the most benefit.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC