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I read a great many books, take advantage of frequent training opportunities and attend industry conferences to make sure that my expertise on everything related to careers remains current. So, if you’re not familiar with how working in areas of strength impacts careers, I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you.

Gallup, the polling organization, has surveyed more than 10 million people worldwide on the topic of employee engagement. Their results are startling. Only one third of the people surveyed strongly agree with the statement: “At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.”

What do you suppose that costs employers in terms of lost productivity and disengaged employees? And how does performing work that doesn’t lie in your areas of strength impact your quality of life and job satisfaction?

I am incredibly blessed to do work that I love—and because clients often tell me that I’m inspirational—I believe it shows in what I do. What would change for you if you were doing work that aligned with your innate strengths? How would you, your employer and your family benefit? Do you know what your strengths are? If not, why not? What’s holding you back . . . and what’s the payoff for not finding out?

 Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC