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Experience and skills are important to convey to an employer but, all things considered, confidence and enthusiasm are more likely to advance you to a second or third interview and a job offer.

Preparation is key to building confidence. Positive mindset, relaxed body language and maintaining eye contact with an interviewer as you relate accomplishments and value go a long way in conveying confidence.

You can prepare for interviews by capitalizing on every possible practice opportunity, especially by interviewing for jobs you’re not particularly excited about. This strategy allows you to become familiar with the types of questions that are likely to be asked, develop poised responses and improve your comfort with the process.

You can also role play the interview process from initial handshake to identifying next steps, preferably with someone that can provide objective feedback regarding your performance. Working with a career coach who is knowledgeable in interviewing strategy and can guide you in responding to dreaded questions will pay big dividends in how you perceive yourself, express yourself and negotiate salary.

Many of my clients tell me that going through the process I use in developing their resume and cover letter is very helpful in putting thoughts in order and gaining perspective and confidence for upcoming interviews.

You can take positive steps now to grow your confidence and position yourself to succeed. Why take a chance on performing well when you’re in a “do or die” interview?

Investing in yourself today positions you for success tomorrow.