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According to senior executive networking site ExecuNet, the skills most in demand in today’s top business leaders are:

1.  Ability to build and lead high-performing teams

2.  Industry-specific experience

3.  Strategy and execution leadership

4.  Functional/technical experience

5.  Problem solving

6.  Initiating change: having a vision for the future and executing on that vision to make the business—and the people in it—better.

7.  Cross-functional expertise

Not surprisingly, these skills are required to adapt to the rapid changes occurring in today’s global marketplace. The hardest to find characteristics, culled from broad market research and recruiter/member surveys and detailed in ExecuNet’s 2012 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report, are:

1.  Industry-specific experience

2.  Strategy and execution leadership

3.  Ability to build and lead high-performance teams

4.  Functional/technical experience

5.  Record of innovation

6.  Initiating change

7.  Turnaround experience

Which skills are you using now and which skills are you developing to take your career to the next level?

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC