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Awhile back I had a client with an in-depth marketing background and a stable career history that was desperate to make a change. We spoke about 6 weeks into her job search process and she related that although she had applied for multiple positions online, she was frustrated because nothing promising had happened.

When you’re in a popular field (marketing, communications, sales, etc.), competition—especially in a tough economy—can be fierce. Note that engineers, IT professionals and healthcare specialists seldom have this problem, but if you are in a common discipline, you are wise to extend your efforts far beyond what is posted online. Sure, job postings are relatively easy to find, but they’re also impersonal and they can leave you feeling as though your materials (and prospects) are falling into an impenetrable black hole.

I suggested that she reach out to former co-workers or supervisors that had moved on to other companies. When I discovered a few weeks later that she had effectively made a career change with a growing company, I sent a note asking how she landed the position. Here’s what I learned: she had reached out through LinkedIn to a former supervisor who was delighted to recommend her to a hiring manager in the company of choice. Voila! Another happy landing.

Of course it isn’t always this easy, but the bottom line is that nothing works like networking!

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC