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I am blessed to work with very successful people with outstanding careers and achievements. It is thrilling to hear success stories from those who “nail” the interview, make a career change and secure that coveted dream job!

When I work with a client that might benefit from reaching out to someone with whom I’ve built a working relationship, I always do my best to make a connection that helps a worthy candidate get a foot in the door with an employer of choice.

Why do I “pay it forward”? Because I get paid to do what I love as a career coach and professional resume writer. Shouldn’t everyone do work they love?

Ask yourself, “What can I do to help someone in my network?” Perhaps someone helped you along the way early in your career. Not only will you take pleasure in doing a good deed, but the person you help might do the same for someone else . . . or reciprocate at some time in the future.

Mentoring can be life changing and an incredible way to “pay it forward” as well. Imagine the benefit if everyone had a dedicated mentor to protect and guide them as they advance up the organization! From the opposite side, watching the person that you advise get promoted can be a testimony to your leadership abilities—and provide awesome personal gratification.

Some companies implement a formal mentoring program but these don’t always work as intended, and the process doesn’t have to be a formal one. You might create a bond with a manager or subordinate and the relationship just evolves. Or you could approach someone whom you respect and admire that is outside your company but in the same industry. Either way, if you have the opportunity to be part of a mentoring relationship, view the opportunity as a distinct advantage to both parties.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC