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You simply wouldn’t believe how often I’m on the listening end of the following conversation:

“I have an interview tomorrow for a job I really want . . . can you write me a resume?” The sad answer is, unfortunately, “no can do.” My typical turnaround is 2 weeks, sometimes longer.

What does your inabiity to deliver tell a recruiter or potential employer? You have failed to plan for opportunity. No matter how stellar your achievements, you are unprepared and unprofessional. If you are the “purple squirrel” candidate with unique talents, you might be able to stall and send your resume after the interview. But don’t rely on this strategy to impress the hiring decision maker, especially if you’re competing against hundreds (or potentially thousands) of other candidates.

Why allow golden opportunity to pass you by? Keep an ongoing list of achievements that you can update quarterly, making resume revisions quick and easy.

If you’ve never had to use a resume to secure a position, you are in for a rude awakening. Very few candidates can get by without one in today’s ultra competitive job market—whatever your educational, professional or achievement level. Timing is critical; opportunities come and go. You must be ready to seize opportunity when the recruiter calls or another candidate will reap the benefit. Hijacking your executive assistant (or wife) to write your resume is a losing strategy. Resume writing is an art, not a science. There’s much more to a powerful resume than formatting and spelling.

Powerful personal marketing documents that showcase your talents are well worth the investment, one that pays off in future earnings and career advancement. What’s it worth to you to get that promotion and the increased salary that goes with it? How much are you willing to give up in future earnings because your resume, cover letter and bio don’t reflect your true value? Call today to schedule an appointment with someone who knows how to position you for that career opportunity you’ve been waiting for. There will never be a better time!

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC