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Do you aspire to leadership? Then here’s something you need to know. Simply dictating what needs to be done is no longer enough; you must inspire others to do what needs to be done. If you are working with a team that reports directly to you, then that may be as simple as giving instructions or modeling the desired behavior(s). If, on the other hand, you need information or follow through by someone that doesn’t report directly to you, a different approach is in order. That’s where teamwork, collaboration, coaching and persuasion come into the picture.

Fiercely competitive cultures where colleagues are kept at arm’s length are not conducive to teamwork, a concept that most employers today embrace. Making emotional connections (and making yourself vulnerable) is essential in getting others to freely share ideas, knowledge and insights without fear of retribution or rejection. Your business/project/assignment depends not only on your contribution, but on the contributions of others as well. Want your employees or subordinates to align with company mission and goals? Let them know that you value and respect them: take an interest in them as individuals and make an effort to connect well.

What are your leadership challenges? Are you working for a leader that you admire and respect? If yes, what traits of the leader do you admire most? I invite your comments!

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC