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Failing to pay attention: ignoring obvious cues that the company is losing money, changing direction or is about to be acquired.

Waiting until savings have run out and the house is in jeopardy to reach out for professional help.

Remaining angry over a negative performance review or “unfair” termination.

Inability or unwillingness to set goals and be held accountable for progress.

Lack of confidence, optimism and enthusiasm.

Not building and maintaining a productive network or avoiding networking altogether.

Relying on out-dated application methods rather than social media in an age of global connectedness.

Applying blindly for positions they are clearly unqualified for.

Maintaining the status quo rather than adapting to a changed environment.

Using online application as the sole job search method.

Paralysis by perfectionism; wasting opportunities by constantly “fine tuning” personal marketing documents.

Focusing on experience rather than value.

Lacking a clear job target; not wanting to “narrow” the possibilities.

Do you see yourself here? What are you willing to do to change your perspective . . . and your results?

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC