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No one wants to think that there is a target drawn on their back, however, you can make a smooth exit before the arrow strikes if you update your resume, refresh your network and begin your job search if and when you experience the following scenarios. Just one item happening? There may be another explanation. Three or more . . . move fast; your job is in jeopardy.

  1. Your boss, approachable in the past, is suddenly unavailable when you need guidance.
  2. Your authority is curtailed: you are now micromanaged on routine assignments.
  3. Others get the plum assignments and kudos for a job well done.
  4. Your last 5 performance evaluations were stellar; your new boss ranks you as a “sub-par” performer.
  5. Your boss wants all the data from your contact management system.
  6. Bad news is given to you in writing and your superiors several levels up are copied.
  7. You have been informed that you will now report to someone lower on the totem pole.
  8. You’re suddenly out of the loop; you are no longer copied on strategic communications.

These are just a few of many possible warning signs that it is time to move on. What scenarios have YOU experienced that propelled you into action? What was the outcome?

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC