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According to a recent survey by Right Management, 84% of employees polled plan to look for a new position in 2012 (–a stunning reflection of dissatisfaction in the workplace. Employers that neglect this issue will suffer grave consequences once the economy picks up and their most talented, knowledgeable workers move on.

If you’re one of the 84% that is dissatisfied with your current employment situation, what’s holding you back from exploring a better opportunity? Of course looking for a new position isn’t the same as securing one–that will likely take some time. So what are you doing now to position yourself  for that fleeting “brass ring” opportunity that arises two days from now and disappears just as quickly?

When you want to sell your house, realtors emphasize increasing “curb appeal” to maximize selling price. You want to de-clutter living spaces, trim hedges, repair walks and broken windows, perhaps repaint. Enhancing curb appeal can take several weeks or months to accomplish; you don’t expect to fix everything that has remained undone for the last 15 years. So why delay your job search effort? Developing personal marketing materials takes thoughtfulness, concentrated effort and time. Think of the process as increasing your “hiring appeal.” Are you willing to waste an opportunity because you’re unprepared to apply when a desired position opens?

You own your career; seize opportunity while your competition continues to think and wait.

Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC